Scott Rister

Your success in real estate today, tomorrow, and next week lies in one simple ability: Find All The Motivated Sellers You Can Handle! It just doesn't matter if you are a seasoned investor or just starting out because making money buying and selling single family homes lies with finding GREAT DEALS - forget about good or marginal ones.

Articles by Scott Rister

Process Servers - Your Hottest Ticket For Finding Motivated Sellers
I get asked all the time the question, “what is quickest and least expensive way to find motivated sellers”?

Making Big $$$ In Pre-Foreclosure Using Direct Mail
Making big $$$ in pre-foreclosure properties is just simply one of the most profitable ways to consistently make money in real estate today.

Find Motivated Sellers (Collection of Newsletters)
What better way to start off than to get right down to it asking yourself, “Why should I focus on motivated sellers?”.

Get All “Fired” Up For Motivated Sellers
What is the difference between you and the next real estate investor? Or maybe I should ask it this way, “do you want to consistently find truly great deals that separates you from others?”.

"Mold" Your Way To Motivated Sellers
If you haven't figured it out by now; for real estate investors to find great deals most all the time involves solving problems with a property.

The Legal Separation For Finding Motivated Sellers
Whether you realize it or not divorce is probably the #1 reason houses go into foreclosure. When payments on a house start getting behind that alone has caused many to file the legal separation of divorce.

Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses!
What is the key to being successful in real estate investing every month and every year? The answer lies in one simple but very powerful word...

Finding Motivated Sellers: Luck or Hard Work?
Somewhere in between total luck and absolute sell-out hours chasing deals is where you should be in finding truly motivated sellers, or rather having them finding you.

Mailing Principles For Real Estate
Let’s get into what you really need to know in starting your direct mail campaign. Get a organized game-plan together on how you are going to make sure that you get as many motivated sellers calling you as you can handle!

Motivated Sellers Before The Tax Sale
If you want to learn more about the sale BEFORE the sale then you are definitely are at the right place.