Dan Auito

Dan Auito is a dual-licensed real estate agent and appraisal assistant. Founder of a non-profit drug prevention corporation, a real estate consulting group and is the author of “Magic Bullets Real Estate.” This 300-page power-packed book (due out in early July 2004 comes with a website that further supports its readers.

Dan may be reached at magicbullets@alaska.com or by visiting www.magicbullets.com
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Articles by Dan Auito

The Professional Investor’s Plan
A few suggestions that will hopefully save you from wasting years of hard effort only to learn in the end that had you invested using a better strategy, you would have realized more profit, happiness, satisfaction, control and free time as a result.

Getting Raw Land - Not a Raw Deal!
There is more to buying raw land than meets the eye and more than a few individuals have wished they'd had a second chance upon finding themselves duped, conned, misled, ill-advised, uninformed, oversold, undereducated and often unprepared. They realize, often too late, that a raw land purchase should be properly investigated, evaluated and negotiated using a logical and rational plan.

The Three-to-Five-Year Holding Plan (Military Strategy)
The issue at hand is whether buying real estate and having to sell it within three to five years would in fact be enough time to recoup and actually make a profit, while at the same time ensuring that when they did sell they would be relatively comfortable in knowing that they indeed would make a fair profit for taking the supposed risk.

A Single's Game of Real Estate
Getting Started in Your Twenties

This discussion leans toward answering questions asked most often by our youthful men and women in there early twenties. They often begin to ask themselves the question, "Should I consider buying a home, condo/town-home or some other type of real estate that I can call my own?"

Complete Home Rehab in 10 Days
This report is about taking a house and restoring it to an aesthetically pleasing dwelling that has reclaimed its functional utility. In effect, it is the anti-aging medication for bricks and mortar.