Agents and Brokers

Should You Use a Realtor?

This is exactly what worries me sometimes about information online; so much of it is in no way, shape or form rooted in reality...

Power of Networking

Equinox Advantage believes in the power of a great sphere of Influence!

Creating a Team

Because of the increase in required disclosures, inspections, and documents, it is becoming more difficult for an agent to do all the functions of real estate on his own. The need to create a team of specialists is becoming more necessary for success in the real estate field.

Creating Daily Success in Real Estate

The journey to a successful life should be enjoyed. True success comes from accomplishing the activities daily that will lead you to your ultimate goals in life.

Creating Referrals

We all want an office in which the phone rings continually with offers of referral business. Does having this type of office sound like a dream? It need not be such a far fetched reality, though it requires diligent work with clients. There are a few key steps to creating a great referral business.

Two Parts of Objections

Objections can be broken down into two parts. Part one is the concern of the client or prospect; part two is the solving of that concern. You need to be proficient at approaching each of these parts. Many agents make their mistakes on the first part, which gives them no chance to be successful in the end.

Closing a Client

Too often I see agents turn uncertain when it comes to getting a client to sign an agreement. It is that moment of indecision that causes agents to lose sales and listings. Here are a few thoughts that can take you over the threshold to more listings and sales.

The Listing Agent’s Role in Marketing Your Home

Every home seller likes to be assured that their listing agent and or the real estate company will run ads featuring their home. Of course, Realtors and their brokerages will run ads featuring your house, but not necessarily for the reasons the seller expects.

How to Add Over Six Figures to Your Income Prospecting FSBO's

For Sale By Owner's can be uncomfortable for real estate Agents to work with. They can often be extremely rude and inconsiderate. They also can be a great source of income if handled in the appropriate manner.

How Top-Producers Get Price Reductions

Getting clients to reduce their price is not a mystical happening. It must be done methodically. Top-gun Agents have a set system to get price reductions.

Attitude and Objections

Often Agents will view an objection as a big wall between them and the sale, a wall so tall that they can see no way around, over, under, or through. But objections are really like a two- to three-foot-high picket fence. There are in fact many ways over it; or you can walk down its length and find the gate.