Real Estate Investing

3 Ads That Draw Distressed Homeowners to You

If your real estate investing business includes dealing with foreclosures and pre-foreclosures – mainly distressed homeowners – the playing field is somewhat different than simply wholesaling or flipping and rehabbing. The rules of the game are different.

Best Rehabbing Tips to Stay on Budget

Buying an under-priced house that needs fixing up, and then doing the rehab and reselling it is a great way to make a profit in real estate investing business. While it all looks good at the outset, there are pitfalls along the way that can eat up your profits.

Real Estate Terms Explained: MAO & ARV

MAO stands for Maximum Allowable Offer and ARV is After Repaired Value...

Real Estate Terms explained: BPO

When a bank has to take a home back in a foreclosure, they will want to know what the house is “basically” worth. Many real estate agents and brokers supplement their commission income by doing BPOs...

Real Estate Terms Explained: LTV

Loan-to-value (LTV) is a ratio that depicts the relationship of a loan amount with the value of a property...

Attracting Sellers: Getting Them to Call You

There are basically two ways to find potential sellers. I call them Passive Advertising and Active Advertising...

Real Estate Terms Explained: Due Diligence

Due Dilegence: In a nutshell it means you and only you are responsible for checking out a prospective deal. The Seller is not responsible for telling you the truth.

10 Things Your Real Estate Agent will Never tell You

Deal's that Aren't

One of my wholesaler bird dogs sent me two “deals” that I wanted to put on the blog as yet another example of what NOT to do.

Defaulted Paper: I Win or I Win

I wanted to share a story about a deal I did about two years ago which illustrates both of the two main principals that I teach my students. The first principal is “everybody wins or we don’t play”.

Garage Sales and Real Estate Investing

If you have followed my blog or read any of the articles I have written you know that I am a big fan of “win-win” scenarios in all my Real Estate dealings. Truth is, If I cannot figure out a way where everybody gets what they want, I do not do the deal...

Liens or Judgements Make or Break the Deal

What if I told you that you can negotiate these liens and judgments as well, and many times save a bad deal or make a good deal even better?

Should You Use a Realtor?

This is exactly what worries me sometimes about information online; so much of it is in no way, shape or form rooted in reality...

"Subject To" in a Nutshell

Today we took another house for free. The process, for those of you not already educated about these sorts of transactions, is known as a “Subject To” deal. “Subject to” means that we took the home subject to the financing already in place.

Taking Back a Second Mortgage

"Taking back" a second mortgage when you buy a home and the seller “loans" you some of the money they need in order to buy the property

Wholesaling and the MLS

The other day I had a “so called” wholesaler email me regarding doing a wholesale flip through a realtor...

Foreclosure- Don’t Lose Your Home to Foreclosure Like Octomom

Real Estate Investors Solve Housing Problems

An investor can actually save a house from foreclosure.

Helping folks in Real Estate

Is it possible to help both a buyer and a seller and make a killer profit in a flipping transaction? Read on and see an example of how I did it last year.

Power of Networking

Equinox Advantage believes in the power of a great sphere of Influence!

Things to Know About Your Credit

If you are faced with poor credit, use these tips to raise your scores & increase your buying power.

Ten Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Investors

In my years in the foreclosure and real estate business, I bet I've met over 1,500 investors. These people have been at all levels of knowledge and experience. Some have become amazingly successful, while others have lost steam or experienced drastic failure. I watched people who are successful and I've noticed that there are certain characteristics that come with real estate investing success.

How To Think and Act Differently

We are all born with some level of creativity. In some people it grows, in others it withers and dies. Here are some ideas on how to think a bit differently.

What If A Seller Calls With A Listed House?

It is common for a seller to call us that has a house listed with a Realtor. There are two possible options, one ethical, one that may get you into trouble, which one will you do?

Do You Manage Your Time, Or Does Time Manage You

No matter how many 5 hour energy drinks you slam, there are only 24 hours in a day. Do you manage them or do they manage you.

Why I Love This Market

Quit Whining!

Anatomy Of A Foreclosure

There are certain steps that Foreclosures follow in most states. If you are going to play the game, you got to know the steps.

Rehab Diary - Or Why Should I Listen To Ron

To Rehab or Not to Rehab.... That can be a tough question, until you read this Diary.

Simultaneous Closings Vs Option to Purchase

As a selling technique, which is better for you a Simultaneous Closing or an Option to Purchase to agreement? Here I show you the choices.

Mastering The Phone

Cut your phone time in half! Learn the 5 key questions to ask the seller and why.

The Investor Mindset

Your self talk, determines your outcome. The training is over or your audio program has ended, how do you keep your mind focused? The Investor Mindset

Triple Your Income in the Next 12 Months

We all have choices in life. We can spend our lives making a living or we can choose to make some real money. Unfortunately, most people choose to make a living. They don't take time and spend their lives walking over the dollars to get to the dimes. Most real estate investors are no different.

The WRONG Way to Invest in Real Estate

"Real estate fever" . . . it's hit the Country like a plague. Zillions of "newbies" are hitting the bandwagon, trying to make a profit where they lost in the stock market. I meet them all the time, and many are making big mistakes!

Personal Property Trusts

You are probably familiar with the concept of creating and using land trusts for privacy and protection of your real estate. However, what about your ownership of notes, mortgages, deeds of trust, leases and options that may appear on public record?  What about cars, boats, mobile homes and other items that are registered and recorded in public places?  Good news . . . there is a special trust just for that purpose!

Get That Property Out of Your Name!
Using Land Trusts for Privacy & Protection

There are over 80 million lawsuits filed every year in the United States. Landlords and real estate investors are especially susceptible to liability. Are you a target? Are your assets easy to locate? Is your real estate titled in your name?

The Bona Fide Purchaser

You get a deed from a seller in foreclosure. Before you can record the deed, the seller gives a second deed to your competitor. The competitor records his deed at the country first. Who wins?

Realtor Community Under Investigation by the Feds

Until recently, the only option a seller had to engage a real estate broker was to pay a fixed-rate commission. Well, not really... commission are not fixed by law, they are fixed by custom. Or, are they really fixed at all? That's the question the Justice Department is looking into.

"Illegal" Flipping & Lender Seasoning

There has been a lot of negative press and misinformation lately about double-closings. Many people have been indicted recently under what the press has labeled "Property Flipping Scams." Misinformed lenders, real estate agents and title companies will tell you that double-closings are now illegal. In fact, they are nothing of the sort.

"Big Brother" is Watching YOU! New (BAD) Legislation Coming Your Way

Well, it seems that with everything you do right, there's always someone else doing it wrong, do it badly, or doing it illegally. Enter Big Brother... the well-intentioned leglislator who wants to get re-elected by passing a law that protects the innocent from bad people or from their own stupidity.

7 Secrets Every Investor Must Know Before Making a Short Sale Offer!

Seven "Insider Secrets" to making Short Sale Offers!

When to Look A Gift Horse In the Mouth

Ask hard questions about why a seller is motivated. Here are some examples of good opportunities that shouldn't necessarily motivate you to buy.

Flipping Is Illegal !!

Oh No! All this time you've been telling me I could make a killing buying & selling (flipping) houses and now you?re telling me it's illegal, Ron?

Nine Ways To Improve Your Closing Ratio

You?ve pre-qualified your prospects. They look good and you?ve made an appointment with your lender for the formal loan application. You?re feeling good about yourself now because, as far as you?re concerned, this house is sold...or is it?

What Can I Realistically Earn In A Lease Purchase Business?

If you're looking at Lease Purchasing as a business, you'll obviously want to earn much more than the $20,000 per year in our "How To Give Yourself A $20,000/Year Raise Without Asking Your Boss" article.

Two Parts of Objections

Objections can be broken down into two parts. Part one is the concern of the client or prospect; part two is the solving of that concern. You need to be proficient at approaching each of these parts. Many agents make their mistakes on the first part, which gives them no chance to be successful in the end.

Closing a Client

Too often I see agents turn uncertain when it comes to getting a client to sign an agreement. It is that moment of indecision that causes agents to lose sales and listings. Here are a few thoughts that can take you over the threshold to more listings and sales.

The Professional Investor’s Plan

A few suggestions that will hopefully save you from wasting years of hard effort only to learn in the end that had you invested using a better strategy, you would have realized more profit, happiness, satisfaction, control and free time as a result.

Complete Home Rehab in 10 Days

This report is about taking a house and restoring it to an aesthetically pleasing dwelling that has reclaimed its functional utility. In effect, it is the anti-aging medication for bricks and mortar.

Understanding Loan Terms

When considering an investment property loan from an institutional lender, you need to consider many of the variables involved in the loan terms being offered.